About Strategy Sculptors

Creating Space For Authentic Living

Who I Am

Molli Lou is a business strategist, fractional COO/CMo, Board Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP/MER Practitioner. She lives in Vermont wither her family that consists of her husband, 3 children, and 2 dogs.

What I Love to do

Molli Lou loves everything to do with sustainable life. She loves to garden and tinker with new strategies to live in more fulfilling ways. She also loves to spend her free time with family and friends down at the river.

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How It All Started…

I grew up in a family that was sort of upper middle class. I spent my life experiencing all sides as a result of this. When I was young, I found myself on my own. Because of my upbringing, (and at little a least to do with my personal nature as well) I was able to fit in all walks of life with ease.

I would couch surf and bounce around throughout all my high school years, and had a mix of VERY wealthy well to do country club families from old money that I was able to observe, thanks to the pity my friends families took on me, as well as having to tough it out in the poverty level social settings.

You would be surprised to see how much these two groups had in common. As a teenager, it was rather apparent to me that these are the two groups that could spend the most time with me, as they both had the least amount of rules that paired well with my complete lack of adult supervision that comes with being on ones own so young.

Fresh princess of Vermont

I made one other, VERY important observation about their surprising amount of similarities.

Both groups were INCREDIBLY unhappy.

New money is often seen as more vulgar and flashier. More thirsty and generally trying to prove something, in a more aggressive way. Old money does this same thing, just in a passive way. They have the extra hurdle of trying to make it look like they don’t care. But they do care, and they potentially care even more.

The new rich/new money however don’t have to be confined to these standards. Technically old money in new generations don’t either, however good luck not pissing off grand daddy when you try to shift gears if you’re a Kennedy. Look how that turned out for rosemary. (Although if you need help with that, I’m not going to lie, I’m too defiant at heart to not want to help you 🤣) and apparently my great grandfather of some sort was once the president of New Hampshire, and I have old money in my blood. Thankfully karma has intervened in that after he chose to use his position to trick and slaughter a bunch of native Americans in such a way that even the colonists of that era were not okay with. Ew.

What can we do with new money though?

We don’t have to continue living in mental poverty when we have new money. No family shame for our parents and grandparents to pay to sweep under the rug either. So what do we need to create with intention thats the best of both worlds, rather than the worst? 

I’n going to be completely upfront with you.

This path isn’t always easy.

But unlike me, you won’t have to go it alone.

And as someone whose been at this awhile, I promise the world is moving towards this, and its been a long time since i’ve heard any judgement or resistance on this path of creating a new future for business, and creating sacred business spaces.

That is NOT a promise that you won’t.

Especially from your inner critic or family members.

What I can promise you is, it will be worth it.

A few years after my mom died, a letter she wrote in her last days surfaced. that was a sort of cheat sheet to the needs and natures of my sisters an I for whoever ended up raising us. (cliff notes from the previous section above, that was both everybody and nobody)

All the section about me said was…

Molli will take the path less traveled and it will be stressful to watch her make the decisions she does, but ultimately you don’t have to worry about her, because she will always find her way.


…turns out she was spot on.

Now I am fully in my power.

Life went from homeless teen, to independently contracted C-level Executive. I own my dream house in the mountains of Vermont. Were in the process of becoming part time ex-pats with a place in Dubai. (who said you can’t live both a life of sustenance and luxury?!?!) a life that is both present and intentional, and spent with the best family and friends I could ask for. Whats not to love?