The Human Design Experiment for Entrepreneur

Welcome to an exploration of Human Design, often referred to as “the human design experiment.” This concept has revolutionized how entrepreneurs approach business and personal growth.

But why is it called an experiment?

And more intriguingly, why do I refer to my work with entrepreneurs in this realm as “the Entrepreneur Experiment”?

Let’s dive deep into these fascinating questions.

The Essence of the Human Design Experiment

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science, offering a unique blueprint of our genetic and energetic makeup. It’s a tool for understanding ourselves better – how we make decisions, interact with others, and what makes us tick.

Part 1: Human Design as “The Experiment”

The Experimental Nature of Human Design

Human Design is called “the experiment” because it invites us to test its principles in our own lives.

Unlike dogmatic systems, it doesn’t demand blind faith.

Instead, it encourages a practical approach: try it out, observe the results, and draw your conclusions.

Human Design is often referred to as “the experiment” because it invites individuals to engage in a personal journey of discovery and transformation based on the system’s principles.

This terminology emphasizes the practical and experiential aspect of Human Design, encouraging individuals to not just learn about its concepts intellectually, but to actively apply them in their daily lives and observe the results.

Personal Empowerment Through Experimentation

This experimental approach empowers individuals. You’re not just accepting wisdom handed down to you; you’re actively engaging with it, testing it, and making it your own.

This hands-on approach is both empowering and enlightening.

The system recognizes that every person’s design is unique. As such, the way the principles of Human Design play out in each individual’s life will be different.

The experiment is thus highly personal and subjective. What works for one person might not work for another, and the only way to find out is through trial and error in one’s own life.

Learning Through Living

In Human Design, the real learning happens through living. It’s about applying the system’s insights to your daily life and observing how it aligns with your experiences.

This ongoing process turns life itself into a living laboratory.

Human Design provides a framework of knowledge that includes one’s Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, Centers, and other aspects.

However, it stresses the importance of personal verification. Each person is encouraged to test these principles in real-life situations to see how they align with their experiences.

This process is about exploration and discovery. It’s not just about accepting the teachings as truths but about seeing how they work in practice.

Part 2: “The Entrepreneur Experiment” – A Personalized Approach

the experiment for entrepreneurs

Tailoring the Human Design Experiment for Entrepreneurs

In my work, I’ve tailored the principles of Human Design to the specific needs of entrepreneurs, dubbing it “the Entrepreneur Experiment.”

This approach recognizes that the entrepreneurial journey is unique, with its set of challenges and opportunities.

The Human Design experiment is not presented as a quick fix but as a journey of transformation that unfolds over time.

Individuals are encouraged to observe changes in their relationships, decision-making, and overall life satisfaction as they align more with their design.

This transformation is often gradual and requires patience and persistence, characteristic of an experimental process.

Why It’s an Experiment for Entrepreneurs

Just like the broader concept of Human Design, “the Entrepreneur Experiment” is about applying these principles in the context of business.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to experiment with strategies that align with their design, observing how these impact their business success and personal fulfillment.

A significant part of the Human Design experiment involves deconditioning from societal and familial expectations and norms. This process requires experimenting with living according to one’s design rather than external pressures.

Deconditioning is about unlearning patterns that are not in alignment with one’s true nature, which is a process that can only be validated through lived experience.

Empirical Learning in Business

The entrepreneurial world is dynamic and ever-changing. By approaching Human Design as an experiment, entrepreneurs can adaptively learn and apply strategies that resonate with their unique design, leading to more authentic and sustainable business practices.

Part 3: The Impact of Experimenting with Human Design

Enhanced Self-Awareness

The first benefit of this experiment is enhanced self-awareness. Entrepreneurs learn about their strengths, weaknesses, decision-making styles, and more. This knowledge is power in the business world.

The experimental nature of Human Design empowers individuals to take charge of their self-discovery journey. It shifts the focus from seeking external guidance to looking inward and trusting one’s own experiences and feelings.

This self-empowerment is a core aspect of why Human Design is considered an experiment. It places the responsibility of growth and understanding on the individual.

Improved Decision-Making

Understanding one’s Human Design can significantly improve decision-making. Entrepreneurs learn to make choices that are in tune with their innate nature, leading to more effective and satisfying outcomes.

Better Team Dynamics

When entrepreneurs understand not only their design but also that of their team members, they can create more harmonious and productive work environments. This understanding fosters better communication, role allocation, and overall team dynamics.

Alignment with Business Goals

“The Entrepreneur Experiment” helps in aligning business strategies with the entrepreneur’s true nature. This alignment ensures that business goals are pursued in a way that’s sustainable and fulfilling, both personally and professionally.

Embracing the Human Design Experiment

In conclusion, Human Design is an experiment in the truest sense. It’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, particularly for entrepreneurs seeking to align their business with their innate nature.

“The Entrepreneur Experiment” takes this concept a step further, offering a tailored approach that recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs.

In essence, Human Design as “the experiment” is a call to engage with the system not just theoretically but practically, using one’s life as the laboratory for exploration and self-discovery.

It’s about validating the system’s principles through personal experience and using this understanding to live a life that is more aligned with one’s true nature.


Q: How can I start with Human Design?
A: Begin by getting your Human Design chart, which requires your birth data. Then, experiment with applying its insights into your daily life and business practices.

Q: Is Human Design applicable to all types of entrepreneurs?
A: Absolutely! Regardless of your industry or the size of your business, Human Design offers valuable insights that can be applied to any entrepreneurial journey.

Q: How long does it take to see results from the Human Design experiment?
A: The timeline varies for each individual. Some may notice immediate changes, while for others, it may be a gradual process of understanding and application.

Remember, both Human Design and “the Entrepreneur Experiment” are about exploration and personal growth. They invite you to question, test, and discover the best ways to live and work according to your unique design. Embrace this journey with curiosity and openness, and watch as your business and personal life transform!

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