How to Make Structured Water, Even if You Think It’s a Hoax

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It’s scientifically proven that structured water exists. 

That’s not the real question.

It’s been PROVEN that there is a fourth phase of water and backed by scientific evidence.

The real question is, is structured water better for us than regular water?

Drinking water that has been structured is thought to be able to help your body absorb more nutrients and flush out toxins faster due to your cells’ ability to absorb them better.

Get on board with this revolutionary natural way to improve your health and wellness, after all, it definitely doesn’t hurt you!

What is Structured Water?

Hexagonal water is an extraordinary form of water, different than a regular, unstructured water molecule. 

While still consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, structured water has a distinct organization that sets it apart from its typical liquid state – its molecules are arranged in hexagonal clusters. 

Rather than randomly flowing in all directions like unstructured water does, cluster water molecules, well, cluster together due to favorable positive-positive interactions. 

Like magnets, opposites attract, and opposites repel. 

In structured water, however, like attracts. 

This bond between the positive hydrogen atoms is reinforced, and stronger than a typical bond of opposites would be. 

As a result, it not only maintains its shape better but also creates a kind of ‘bubble’ which is thought to carry enhanced amounts of vitality and energy.

Why Knowing About Structured Water Matters

Making hexagonal water, might just be an essential step toward optimizing your health and energy. 

Hexagonal water is thought to permeate each individual cell of the body more quickly and efficiently, helping to activate cells and transport nutrients and hydration more efficiently. 

Additionally, drinking structured water boosts our antioxidant status due to the abundance of antioxidant capabilities it contains. 

To simplify, this kind of water increases hydration potential in your body, and improved biological functions and overall health.

Hydration is EVERYTHING!

Methods to Make Structured Water

The manipulation of liquid water to create organized hydrogen bonds has emerged as the latest craze across the health and wellness industry. 

But, how do you harness this power to benefit body, mind, and spirit? 

To understand the potential of cluster water, let’s explore four methods that structure it.

  • Vortexing 
  • Light exposure 
  • Natural Heat and Energy 
  • Earth. 

Dive into this tutorial to learn more about each method to help you decide which one is best for you.

1- Vortexing

Making magnetized water is one of the most popular methods of getting better hydration for those who are conscious of their health. 

This type of water has the ability to rejuvenate the cells on an energetic level, which has been explained through one theory that suggests that the molecular structure becomes more organized when in contact with certain magnetic frequencies. 

The method to make magnetized water involves creating a vortex by rapidly spinning the liquid, which can be done using either a funneling process or Neodymium magnets. 

If opting for the latter option, selecting a specially designed bottle that also promotes an even distribution of the magnetic field allows for this process to occur more naturally. 

The result is water with more bioavailability that helps increase energy levels and improve overall health.

Keep in mind that water that is structured in this way is thought to only last 1-3 days. 

2- Light Exposure

It’s amazing just how much power light carries! 

Light can be used to make cluster water quickly and easily when you understand the process. 

Making it is as simple as exposing drinking water to irradiated ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) light for 3-4 hours. 

This causes a physical restructuring of the molecules, which leads to polarity alterations, increased oxygenation, better hydration rate, and many other benefits associated with structured water. 

This method is proven to change how water molecules function, although it’s not necessarily directly linked yet to some of the remarkable health benefits this newfound process provides us with. 

This method is an incredibly easy way to bare minimum clean your drinking water and maximum, make it easier to absorb thanks to its new structure. 

3- Sunlight

Making structured water with sunlight is a simple process that requires only two ingredients: water and direct sunlight. 

To begin, take a container of filtered water and place it in direct sunlight for several hours. 

As the ultraviolet light from the sun strikes the water molecules, they begin to jostle and rearrange themselves into hexagonal structures shaped water molecules. 

This rearrangement process can amplify the properties of the original water by creating a greater surface area relative to volume, allowing it to better absorb nutrients, minerals, and other substances. 

The end result is a more biologically active form of water with powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. 

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your water, try leaving it in direct sunlight for up to 12 hours. 

Then, if using tap water, pour the top 2/3rds into a container with a spigot, and disregard the rest as most contaminants from your pipes will sink to the bottom.

The longer the exposure time—the stronger the properties!

4- Earth

An alchemical process that creates this high-quality water, from normal water is achievable through the use of different rocks and minerals, divulging a safe and cost-effective ‘mineralization’ method. 

This technique might appear like wizardry but it’s surprisingly straightforward to execute. 

First, you need to figure out which kind of rocks you want to use. 

Make sure your source is clean and doesn’t have any sort of coating like many crystals you can buy in shops have on them. 

You also want to make sure that the kind of stones or rocks you choose are water safe.

My favorite is brown opal flint, but any quartz variety is often a safe bet. 

Ideally use some type of glass or gravity-fed water container with a spigot.

Then run hot water over your rocks for a minute, and put them in the bottom of your container.

Fill the container with tap water or if you prefer to drink filtered water that works too. 

Let them sit at least overnight, and ideally up to 2 days before drinking.

Remember to refill the container at night so it can recharge by morning!

Alternatively, collecting your water from a natural spring, especially from any mountain springs like the ones we have here in Vermont, can create an easy-access source of structured water.

The result is an energized liquid that will be able to rehydrate your cells and convert dead water into an elixir of good health.

Things to Be Mindful of When Making Structured Water

Hexagonal water is gaining more attention due to the health benefits and better hydration potential it brings. 

While there has been some research done on the effects of drinking this kind of water in humans, it is still in its early stages and no conclusive evidence has been established yet. 

However, there have been several animal trials conducted over the past two decades that show a variety of health benefits for the animals when they drank structured water for at least 1 month. 

Some of the noted benefits include increased growth rate, reduced markers of oxidative stress, improved glycemic and insulinemic responses for diabetics, improved blood lipid profile, improved semen quality, and increased tissue conductivity. 

This special water is made up of molecules a little differently than the typical two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. 

With a third hydrogen atom, the water molecules are arranged in a hexagonal lattice structure, which is why its often called hexagonal water.

While unstructured water is neutral, cluster water has a negative charge thanks to its extra electron. 

This extra electron can be given to your mitochondria and help them with an energy boost. 

With this increase in mitochondrial energy, your body runs more efficiently.

By drinking structured water, you can get these benefits too. 

Taking It to the Next Level: How to Maximize the Potential of Using Structured Water

This type of water is perfect for use in plants since it hydrates them quickly and deeply, leading to stronger and healthier growth. 

Not only that, when it’s time to hydrate your pet, giving them structured water can help their bodies utilize the liquid more efficiently due to its nutrient-rich properties. 

Last but not least, drinking structured water is known to have vast benefits such as increasing energy levels and improving overall well-being. 

Investing in structuring your home’s water is an incredibly simple yet truly powerful way to provide the best living experience for you and your family!

Alternatives Water Options

There’s no denying the importance of drinking water to stay hydrated and healthy. 

You have heard about Structured Water, but there are plenty of alternatives out there. 

Alkaline water is one option that has grown in popularity due to its higher pH levels which helps the proper absorption as well. 

An ideal PH for hydration is somewhere between 7-10.

Another alternative is hydrogen water, which increases the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, making it a great support to muscle recovery.

Whichever type you choose, staying hydrated is more important than ever!

Final Thoughts on Structured Water

When it comes to overall well-being, there’s nothing like structuring water. 

Structuring water increases hydration and oxygenation, provides greater performance benefits, and decreases tension within the whole body. 

In comparison to regular H2O, structured water is denser and more viscous – you can even taste and feel the difference! 

So why listen to me? 

I’ve done my research, and have a special interest in water and even used to test water for a living, as well as having started out my college studies majoring in chemistry, so I have a bit of an edge.

I’ve given you some food for thought about the power when you drink structured water so that you can make a healthful decision that’s right for you.

Now whatever type you choose, go drink water!

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