Best Vibration Plate Picks to Get in Shape Fast in 2023

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Vibration has been a health and fitness tool since 200 AD.

They were often prescribed by a Greek physician named Galen

Not only do they provide low-impact exercises that make it easy on your joints, but they also help promote lymphatic drainage and therefore your immune system. 

You can use them for ordinary workouts or even yoga stretches – one machine does it all! 

With a vibration plate, you’ll never feel bored with exercise again. All from the comfort of your own living room! 

Read on, and revolutionize your fitness today!

What Are the Best Vibration Plates?

Best Splurge Vibration Plate: Vibe Plate XL


This is the largest vibration plate I was able to find, that can fit someone in just about any position.

The Vibe Plate XL has a large weight capacity and uses a verticle vibration that mimics running or walking.

It can vibrate between 10-60 hz.


  • 2400 lb Capacity
  • Big enough for any use- 30″ x 72″
  • Can fit 2 people at a time
  • Verticle Vibration that mimics natural running motion
  • More comfortable for workouts
  • Made in the USA


Bottom Line

If you’re a wicked gym rat or have a large enough home gym, this would be AWESOME to add in.

You can use this surface instead of doing all your exercises on a gym mat and get twice the benefits.

Best in Home Gym Vibration Plate: Power Plate Move


The Power Plate Move is a small compact option vibration plate. It has an intuitive interface and is easy to use.

The lower vibrations are more of a massage sensation and the higher speeds are for a more rigorous workout.


  • 6 different frequency modes
  • Holds up to 300 lbs
  • More powerful than the personal power plate listed below
  • Has remote control
  • Comes with a rubber mat and strap set
  • A digital timer that vibrates anywhere from 1-9 minutes


At the time of posting, this power plate is 20% off. The normal price is $3295.00, but with this discount, it’s only $2636.00. Financing through affirm is available.

Bottom Line

If you like the idea of being able to move from room to room with your device and don’t want to sacrifice function for size, this is the perfect vibration plate for you.

Best Versatile Vibration Plate: Vibe Stretch


Vibe Stretch takes the label whole body vibration machine to the next level.

The 30 x 48 platform has a steel cage that is 87″ tall.

The cage is strong enough for the person using it to hold their whole body weight off of it, so it works well for exercises like pull-ups.

The possibilities of this body vibration platform are endless.


  • Large cage attached
  • Holds up to 2400 lbs
  • Verticle vibration that mimics running motions
  • 10-60 hz
  • The body vibration platform weighs 285 lbs
  • Made from Steel


The cost of the Vibe Stretch is $4,495.00.

Financing is available through affirm.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for something that’s practically a home gym in its own right, this is the ideal vibration machine for you.

This really is whole-body vibration training, and is so much fun to use!

Bring your inner child out and play with this awesome vibration exercise machine ASAP!

Best Vibration Plate for Yoga: Yoga Plate Vibration Machine


This vibration exercise machine is perfect for yoga, hence the name.

It’s about the exact size of a yoga mat.

The construction of the vibration plate comes in two options, aluminum or steel.


  • 2400 lb capacity
  • Aluminum OR steel construction
  • Verticle vibration that mimics running
  • Comes with yoga accessories
  • 10-60 hz
  • 2 feet wide and 6 feet long


The yoga plate has two different metal constructions to choose from, Aluminum and Steel.

The aluminum option is priced at $3,795.00 and the steel option is priced at $3,595.00

Financing is available through affirm.

Bottom Line

If you want the benefits of using a vibration plate, but your workout style is more of a yoga flow, then this machine is clearly a perfect match!

That leaves the question of aluminum vs steel.

While aluminum is a great lightweight option coming in at 120 lbs, steel is clearly stronger.

The steel option weighs more than double the aluminum weight.

The answer depends on where you’re putting it and how frequently you might have to move it.

Best Compact Vibration Plate: Power Plate Personal Vibration Trainer


This mini vibration plate is the perfect compact option for your home or on the go.

It works just like a supercharged version of a normal exercise platform, by using the vibration technology from this trustworthy brand.

This brand is used by both Mark Wahlberg and Serena Williams.


  • The frequency is set to 35 Hz
  • The option between a 30 and 60-second timer
  • Comes with a soft carrying cash
  • Includes remote control
  • Comes with a rubber mat and strap set
  • Registered as both a medical device and is class 1c USA FDA approved


At the time of writing this, there’s a 20% sale going on that makes this vibration plate exercise machine a lot more affordable.

Originally it clocks in at $1,795.00 but with the discount, it’s only $1,436.00!

Financing is available through affirm.

Bottom Line

This brand is incredibly trustworthy, and if you’re looking for something reliable you can take on the go, this is your ideal body vibrating machine.

Perfect for the athlete who needs to squeeze in safe workouts wherever they are, this vibration plate would also make a great secondary option to keep in your trunk.

You never have to go without your vibration workout and blood flow boost again!

Best Budget: LifePro Waver Vibration Plate


LifePro is one of the biggest names in the vibration plate game.

It’s a powerful and reliable body vibration machine from a trusted brand name.

It’s small in size and the best budget option on the list.

Regardless of its price point, this machine has plenty of different options to choose from when using it.


  • Free Complete Workout Library
  • Remote Control
  • Includes resistance bands and LifePro mini bands
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Adjustable speed
  • Anti-slip rubber mat
  • Fits under some couches or bedframes for storage


It’s typically a sweet price of $199.99 but is open-ended at the 15% off discount rate of $169.99.

Financing is available through affirm.

Bottom Line

If your looking for quality and have a modest budget, this is an amazing option.

It’s also great for beginners as it doesn’t take up much space, and when you are not sure exactly how you prefer to use it yet, this one has you covered.

Just pull it out from under the couch for an episode of your fave show and get the awesome benefits that come with using vibration plates!

What Is a Vibration Plate?

Using advanced technology, these plates create vibrations that cause your muscles to contract with different levels of vibration intensity without you having to do anything else.

The science behind this is simple: the vibrations stimulate muscle activity, no matter if you’re resting or working out. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Vibration Plate

When it comes to deciding which vibration plate is best for you, can be a tricky decision.

From price point to effectiveness, there are a number of factors that you should consider before selecting the ideal one for your needs.

Ultimately, however, the best vibration plate is going to be the one that meets your specific needs and achieves positive results for you.

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